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Prosperity Coaching and Insights

Prosperity Coaching and InsightsProsperity Coaching and InsightsProsperity Coaching and Insights

Who Is Creative Living?

Knowing is not enough. Results come from behavior, and behavior is caused by the paradigm. As a paradigm is changed, the behavior changes and the results change.

Congratulations on your interest in the Thinking Into Results Study. Below you will find links that provide a comprehensive overview of the Thinking Into Results Study. Additionally, information can be found on Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Robert and I have been personally coached and mentored by Bob Proctor, a recognized global leader in prosperity and personal performance coaching.

Creative Living | Kelly and Robert Pascuzzi.  Do you want more out of life, but you don't know what it is? Listen to Kelly and Robert talk about Thinking Into Results.

Why Thinking Into Results

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Weekly Study.  Each week our Thinking Into Results team comes together for a one-hour online study to review lessons and share experiences. These enriching sessions are recorded and posted for those who cannot attend or want to review privately. Each lesson is supplemented with a workbook and video from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. 

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The Proctor Gallagher Institute. Bob and Sandy—and the PGI Team—are helping people around the world use the power of their mind to create their ideal life.

Proctor Gallagher

Bob Proctor Think BIG  

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This information will provide you a small glimpse into what can be an incredibly valuable, results-driven experience for you. Are you ready to change your PARADIGM?


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Paula Ohnemus. Thinking Into Result Testimonial.

Paula Ohnemus, Regional Business Director, talks about her experience in the Thinking Into Results Study.

Bob Proctor. Why Kelly and Robert Pascuzzi?

Bob Proctor, Chairman at the Proctor Gallagher Institute, explains why Kelly and Robert are the right people to make your trip to prosperity easier and faster.

Kyle Lowder. My Creative Living Experience.

Kyle on Creative Living, Thinking Into Results and his friendship with Kelly and Robert. 

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Creative Living inspires people to learn and grow. 

We are experts in human potential and success.

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